An Exploration to the Magical Country of Hong Kong

Spring is here and we’re more energized than any time in recent memory to go out and investigate the city – while playing it safe and adhering to social separating rules, obviously. From cable car rides and strolls in the recreation center to finding road craftsmanship and neighborhood nibbles, what number of these would you be able to scratch off the rundown? 

Explore the Outdoors

An open air show held inside Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, the most established park around there. Different fine arts including artworks, photos, models and establishments will be spread around the nursery so you can appreciate being encircled by craftsmanship and nature simultaneously! 

Feel the requirement for speed at 18 Challenge Karting 

Hong Kong’s greatest indoor go-karting scene. It’s the ideal indoor action to go with family, companions, associates, your accomplice – or whoever else you can consider. 18 Challenge Karting ranges across a 50,000sq ft space with a grown-up estimated dashing track highlighting 18 exciting bends in the road and a kid agreeable track for the little rugrats. 

Ignite your Passion for Adventure at the AME Stadium 

Hong Kong’s first movement e-sports arena. The AME E-Sports Stadium offers a scope of e-sports offices, including skiing, boxing, paddling, horse hustling, and cycling. Every one of them are AME self-created games fusing VR multiplayer frameworks and elite athletics test systems. 

Cycle from East to West of the New Territories 

A 60km cycling track that permits cyclists to investigate various pieces of the New Territories. The track extends from Tuen Mun to Ma On Shan, and snakes through various neighborhoods that are definitely worth investigating including Yuen Long, Tai Po, and Sha Tin. 

Tour Around Hong Kong’s Coolest  Neighborhood

Hoax Shui Po, perhaps the most seasoned region in Hong Kong known for its materials industry. Because of the rush of youthful creatives who have as of late moved to the area, Sham Shui Po is presently home to a combination of old and new, from conventional restaurants to fashionable person bistros, old vinyl shops to idiosyncratic, current way of life stores.

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The Best Places to Stay Near the Swiss Alps – Switzerland

So you’re planning a vacation in the Swiss Alps? Well, it’s no surprise that this place is always full of tourists especially during the winter when the Alps is covered with snow. The main activity in the Swiss Alps is skiing but there are many resorts that offer other kinds of activities such as snowboarding and hiking. The activity may depend on the hotel that you decide to stay in. With that said, we have compiled some of the best hotels near the Swiss Alps.

Hotel Staubbach

Hotel Staubbach is a family-run hotel and is one of the first hotels in Lauterbrunnen. This hotel is known for the panoramic views of the Staubbach Falls and Lauterbrunnen Valley that it offers.  Although the façade of this hotel looks simple from the exterior standpoint, its rooms are fully furnished and cozy. The bathrooms are shared but if you’re not finicky, it is easy to get by this hotel. There is wine, beer, and soft drinks sold at the reception. There are hiking pats that lead to the 72 waterfalls in the area – now that’s awesome!

Hotel Arca Solebad & Spa

Located near the Gornergrat train and the Sunnegga-Rothorn train station, this hotel is a go-to spot for travelers who prefer to stay in Zermatt. What we love in this hotel are the up-to-date amenities such as the indoor brine pool. Staying in Arca Solebad & Spa is very relaxing. You can use your entire day to recharge your energy here before you take a more adventurous path to the Swiss Alps.

The Cambrian

Do you want the best view of the Swiss Alps?   Well, The Cambrian will never fail you for your desires. Centrally located in Adelboden, The Cambrian features a 700 square meters outdoor pool that overlooks the Swiss Alps. You can bathe in the hot waters while admiring the beauty of the snow-capped mountains.  If you feel hungry, you can drop by the Glasshaus Restaurant and satisfy yourself with the amazing dishes made from fresh fish, meat, and vegetables.

Hotel Heimatlodge

Hotel Heimatlodge is located near Sankt Niklaus and is one of the best hotels in town. The accommodation is great and there is a free private parking for your vehicle. What I love with this hotel is that there is a nearby ATM so if you ever run out of money; you know you have easy access to it.

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Tips for a Wonderful Trip to Bolivia

Bolivia is another beautiful country with lots of enticing tourist attractions to offer. However, like many other countries in South America, Bolivia can be quite intimidating for first timers. Recently there have been many political protests and demonstrations in the country which kind of disturbed its peaceful streets. Nevertheless, many tourists still opt to go here and witness their mesmerizing tourist attractions. So if you plan to travel around this country here are some tips that you can follow.

Take your time.

Unlike the western countries here, people don’t move too fast. In fact bus rides and flights can get cancelled if they are not full enough. It is normal in Bolivia. So don’t stress. Just chill and relax. Why don’t you enjoy the lovely scenery as you wait?

Be flexible.

Things can really get rough in Bolivia.  Cars can take hours. The weather can get bad. But hey, it is all part of the adventure. So feel at home to this amazing country and be more adaptable to the inevitable changes. We suggest you always have Plan B if Plan A does not work.

Be prepared for a long bus ride.

Bus rides in Bolivia can usually take 12 to 15 hours in order to reach your next destination. Unfortunately, this is the cheapest way to get around the country but if you are not on a budget travel, you can skip the buses and rent your own car. The good news is, these buses travel by night so you can just sleep through the ride. You won’t even feel like you’re on the bus at all. Just make sure you book the right bus. The buses are quite big and the seats are comfortable. They have leg rest where you can stretch your weary legs and rest.

Learn the public transports.

There are many options you can try such as radio taxis, independent taxis, trufis, or the minis. The trufis is a kind of shared taxis and is oftentimes the safest option. You can actually agree with some tourists to ride with you and tour around Bolivia together.5.   Don’t miss the Teleferico. A trip to Bolivia is not complete without riding its Teleferico, the world’s highest cable car. You can ride the Teleferico from La Paz and only spend $.45 USD. It is also faster than other rides.

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Best Tourist Attractions in Finland!

Finland is well-known for its all-natural elegance, great deals of beautiful sights for your check out to Finland. This country is one of the most prominent visitor destinations worldwide. Finland has the beauty of an appealing tourist destination. Although the country is small, Finland is residence to virtually 200,000 lakes. In addition to lakes, Finland likewise has a range of various other tourist attractions. Among them is Korvatunturi. For a lot of Europeans, this area is believed to be the house of Santa Claus or Joulupukki in the neighborhood language.

The Fortress of Suomenlinna

Situated at the entryway of Helsinki’s harbor, is a special example of European military architecture. For individuals of Finland, Suomenlinna Fortress is not just a means of protection penghadang enemy. Yet more, Sveaborg Suomenlinna – they call it that – is a citadel savior. This presumption is birthed due to the reality that this building has been maintaining the ports in this country since the 18th century, which also makes Finland risk-free from adversary assault.


Several stories are told that Santa Claus lives at the north pole, specifically in Lapland. Lapland is the community of Santa Claus, Santa Claus Village is an amusement park in Finland. Located in the northern part of the country, in Lapland, near the community of Rovaniemi on the Polar Circle, in the Park Santa. Various traveler resort supplies a typical cottage not far from the winter season sports centers. This wintertime sports like snowboarding, cross nation winter sports, snowboarding or on safari with a Siberian Husky and also reindeer while recognizing the neighborhood culture.


Rauma is just one of the earliest ports in Finland. Rauma is a UNESCO Globe Heritage Website best recognized for its top quality lace and also the Old Rauma Community for its old wooden style. Rauma had a Franciscan Monastery and also a Catholic Church prior to it was declared as a town. Later on, Rauma got a teacher’s college which was linked to the College of Turku. A part of the academic department still exists in Rauma. Rauma is the fifth largest port in Finland, having practically 6 million tons of delivery yearly.

Helsinki Basilica

Helsinki Cathedral is an attractive site in Helsinki, Finland. It was developed as a tribute to Grand Battle each other, Nicholas I, Tsar of Russia as well as was formerly referred to as St. Nicholas’ Church prior to the freedom of Finland in 1917. The style is a Greek Cross Strategy which is comprised of a square main mass along-with 4 arms to include in its charm.

Koli National Forest

Koli is one of the most renowned nationwide landscapes in Finland. Koli National forest located in the eastern part of Finland, renowned for its heritage landscapes, which have been influenced by the strong practice of slash-and-burn farming for the last 250 years. Koli National forest includes a diverse complex of environments within its 2600ha NATURA 2000 areas. These consist of all-natural boreal forests, silicate rock plants, Fennoscandian herb-rich forests, high- as well as lowland meadows, eskers, as well as bog timberlands.

Top 7 Finnish Foods to Try

  • Leipajuusto
  • Vispipuur
  • Lohikeitto
  • Mustikkapiirakka
  • Reindeer
  • Kaalilaatikko
  • Kalakukko

We hope you’ll take the time to visit beautiful Finland!

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Check out Beautiful Fiji

There are many amazing things to see and do in Fiji. Below is a list of just a few. Be sure to block off at least 10 days to soak it all in. My business partners and I went for 12 days to celebrate. We have been Chandler painters now for over 5 years and we love what we do. Needed to celebrate and we definitely made memories that will last a lifetime. I’m sure you will do the same. Have fun!

Enjoy the weather

Fiji has a year-round tropical climate. But there are “seasons” and regions to consider. November to April is generally considered “summer”. (Remember Fiji is the Southern Hemisphere but not so far below the equator that there are drastic temperature variances). Temperatures and humidity tend to be higher (85-92F), especially in the lush tropical rainforests of the northern islands, though virtually all resorts have optional AC. From May to October the climate is generally milder (75-82F) and drier.

Viti Levu is the main island in Fiji and is home to the International airport. Coral Coast is a popular tourist area on Viti Levu known for beautiful ocean views and sunsets. For the best beaches and water activities head over to Yasawa islands by ferry from the main island or by seaplane or helicopter from the airport.

Some of most famous luxury Fiji resorts (Namale, Matangi, Qamea, Jean Michelle Cousteau ) are here and offer a truly unique experience of a private island resort.

You can go ziplining.

Yes!  You can zipline through the tropical rainforest.  Those brave enough can glide along 16 zip lines through the rain forest, with views of the ocean and other villages in the surrounding areas. Talk about an adrenaline rush!  Do the zipline. Check out the view. You’ll never forget it.

You can go snorkeling.

Snorkeling is an absolute MUST when visiting Fiji.

Being located on it’s own little island on the reef, the Shangri-La was in the perfect spot for snorkeling.

We took a 5 minute boat ride from the resort to the reef, and had a great time snorkeling around the reef spotting some cool fish, and even a few sea snakes! We also snorkeled more at Cloud 9, where the water was super clear, which made for some great GoPro shots of the fish and coral.

You can do nothing. Absolutely nothing!

A friend made me promise to take one day and do nothing.  This is such a foreign to me cuz I’m so busy and active. But, wow!  We did it on day 3 and it was so peaceful and relaxing to just do nothing.

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5 Best Hiking Trails in Utah

Looking for the best hiking trails in Utah to hike? Utah is a land of the different backdrop – from mystical deserts to snow-covered mountain ranges, dense forests, to the Salt Flats and beautiful lakes. Whether you are a professional hiker looking for a challenging hike or a beginner, there are plenty of stunning waterfalls hiking trails worth checking out in Utah County. Here are our picks for the five best waterfall hikes in Utah.

Bell Canyon Waterfall

The Bell Canyon is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Salt Lake area located on the east side of the valley, above Sandy, Utah! Along with this trail, hikers can see the Wildlife, as well as mountain goats in rocky areas. Famous for some reason, head out early in the morning or weekdays to avoid crowds.

Hidden Falls

A picturesque Hidden fall located up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It is perhaps less than 5 minutes over to this fun little waterfall. The Hidden Falls trail offers a variety of activities and is reachable year-round.

Horsetail waterfalls

If you are looking for a few incredible views consider heading to Horsetail waterfalls in Utah. The picturesque trail is just about 4 miles round trip, and it offers not only some breathtaking views of the valley and nearby mountains, but also the chance to view an incredible waterfall whichever from the bottom of the pinnacle.

Farmington Creek Trail

Someway remained moderately unfamiliar, the Farmington Creek Canyon trail or waterfall sited in Davis County features stunning landscape and a 20-foot waterfall. The higher you climb, the more remarkable the views get. Once you reached above the falls, there’s an excellent spot that might build an incredible camping area for a quick overnight backpack trip.

Adams, Canyon Waterfall

A famous hike, for a good reason! The Adams, Canyon Waterfall hike is perhaps the most challenging hikes located in Layton, is 3.8 miles round trip. While this hike involves a lot of elevation than the different walks, we tend to advocate waiting to try to do this till when you’ve got one or two of the opposite hikes underneath your belt.

What To Pack For Hiking

• Appropriate Hiking shoes

• Plenty of Water

• First Aid Kit

• Snacks

• Map and Compass

• Sunscreen and Sunglasses

• Hiking clothes

• Hat

• Gloves

Warning – Don’t Climb on wet rocks and beware of slippery surfaces!

These are only a list of the stunning waterfall hikes near Salt Lake in Utah, that are suitable for both beginners and professionals but if you are a professional hiker there are plenty of hikes one can explore for a challenging lifetime experience! Also, be make sure to carry all the essential hiking things that we have mentioned above for a safe hiking trip.

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Enjoy A Royal Cruise to Alaska

Being one of the most popular cruising destinations, a cruise to Alaska is the perfect way to escape from the hustle bustle city life or to experience the best of Alaska. It hardly matters which Alaska cruise line you choose, you’ll have the widest opportunities to witness wonderful wildlife, stunning landscapes, head to the skies for gorgeous vistas or learn about Native Alaskan culture.

If you have the enough time and budget, we advise you to duo your Alaska cruise with a land based tour for an inclusive Alaska experience.

What is the best time to Cruise to Alaska

Generally, the Alaska cruise season starts in May and ends in September and July and August is going to be peak season, so if you want to avoid the crowd visit in late May to early June or late August to early September.

Why to Choose Royal Caribbean Alaska Cruise

Royal Caribbean Cruise offers an amazing experience of a lifetime with its cruise to Alaska. The main tourist attractions of the Royal Caribbean cruise destination incorporate climbing through icy cascades or rainforests in Juneau, witnessing tremendous ice fields by helicopter, wildlife travels by sailboat, guided mountain bicycle visits through the Passage of Ketchikan and hustling crosswise over icy masses by dog sled.

Juneau, the most beautiful area in the America also top of the list of one of the most famous places that Royal Caribbean Cruise visits amid the visit. You can walk off outside the city to sight the wilderness of Alaska from a closer point of view. Another delight to eye on this Royal Caribbean cruise option is Hubbard Glacier. A standout amongst the most active glaciers in the planet, it is spectacular at 1350 feet.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise generally departs from the Seattle, WA; Vancouver, BC and Seward, Alaska! Alongside where you decide to start the cruise, make sure to consider how long you would like to be at sea. Royal Caribbean offers amazing deals on both land and sea packages apart from this, you will get amazing deals on seven-night Alaska cruises that include your lodging, dining, entertainment and much more.

What to Pack for an Alaska Cruise

Make sure to pack comfortable hiking boots and walking shoes for trips ashore. Apart from comfortable shoes don’t forget to pack evening dresses, and casual clothes, for during the day on board the ship. We advise you to bring some warm clothes, a windbreaker, a raincoat and a warm jacket with you. If you love swimming, bring a swimsuit.

A high quality camera with extra memory and a pair of binoculars are also highly suggested in this part of the world. If not, take a seat and let Royal Caribbean Cruise satisfy of a incredible holiday to Alaska and have the best time of your life.

If you consider to decide a cruise for your next escape, why not book your itinerary at one of the many Alaskan cruises available. You will get an unconquerable trip loaded with adventure, grace and excitement.

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Unique Sites to Visit on Travel to Denmark

Denmark is fascinating. The country has so much beauty to offer, from the beautiful parks, events, cultures to the languages. It is especially more lively and beautiful in winter. This also happens to be during the Christmas season. The following are some of the most exciting places to visit in Denmark:

The Kronborg Castle

This castle inspired William Shakespeare when he fashioned Elsinore in his famous play Hamlet. Since then, millions and millions of tourists have visited the site every year in a tour dubbed ‘Hamlet Castle Tour.’

Located near Helsingor at the northern tip of the Danish island of Zealand, the majestic castle stands above a very narrow peninsula between Sweden-Denmark coasts. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit here is a great accomplishment. After a drive along the ocean line with views of expensive homes, you will arrive and be met and greeted by the King’s guards, as well as priests, and peasants. You will find great entertainments, from juggling, circus acts, horse acts and dances.

This year (2018) marks 400 years since William Shakespeare died. Kronborg Castle has arranged spectacular events to mark to commemorate this occasion. Hamlet will be performed by various play companies in the magnificent halls. That is on top of the annual Renaissance Fair that happens on the castle’s grounds. This is a beautiful place to visit with the family.

The Oresund Bridge

The breath-taking 10-mile bridge connects Denmark to Sweden, or vice versa, depending on where you are. The bridge has been estimated to carry about 6,000 travelers by car or train each day. It also supports two railway tracks. To drive across the bridge, you have to pay the toll at the toll station. It takes about 20 minutes to drive across.

The governments of Sweden and Denmark both decided and agreed to embark on the construction of this enormous project in 1991. It was officially opened in 2001 although it was completed in 1999. During its development, two unexploded World War 2 bombs were found on the sea floor marked for the bridge’s path. This discovery momentarily slowed the construction work.

The Island of Bornholm

Bornholm is a gorgeous island that is part of Denmark. It is home to quaint villages and offers a fantastic view of the sea. The village of Gudjem is one great gem tourist want to visit to talk to the families, tour Olaf Host museum, walk around and take pictures. Gudjem, in the local dialect, means ‘God’s home’ and no wonder for this place is virtually a slice of paradise. The area has a long history of fishing and is believed to be where smoked herring was first smoked. The climate here is also milder and sunnier than in the mainland.

Lokken Beach

The Lokken beach is beautiful, clean and wide enough to walk far out on the fine sand before water can reach your hip. Watching the raging sea from here is soothing. If you are a surfer or a kiter, this is the ultimate destination for you, for it is windy enough.


Remember to take the standard safety measures. No place on this planet is entirely safe. Any friend is a potential enemy so whoever you meet in Denmark could be a friend or —.

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