The Best Places to Stay Near the Swiss Alps – Switzerland

So you’re planning a vacation in the Swiss Alps? Well, it’s no surprise that this place is always full of tourists especially during the winter when the Alps is covered with snow. The main activity in the Swiss Alps is skiing but there are many resorts that offer other kinds of activities such as snowboarding and hiking. The activity may depend on the hotel that you decide to stay in. With that said, we have compiled some of the best hotels near the Swiss Alps.

Hotel Staubbach

Hotel Staubbach is a family-run hotel and is one of the first hotels in Lauterbrunnen. This hotel is known for the panoramic views of the Staubbach Falls and Lauterbrunnen Valley that it offers.  Although the façade of this hotel looks simple from the exterior standpoint, its rooms are fully furnished and cozy. The bathrooms are shared but if you’re not finicky, it is easy to get by this hotel. There is wine, beer, and soft drinks sold at the reception. There are hiking pats that lead to the 72 waterfalls in the area – now that’s awesome!

Hotel Arca Solebad & Spa

Located near the Gornergrat train and the Sunnegga-Rothorn train station, this hotel is a go-to spot for travelers who prefer to stay in Zermatt. What we love in this hotel are the up-to-date amenities such as the indoor brine pool. Staying in Arca Solebad & Spa is very relaxing. You can use your entire day to recharge your energy here before you take a more adventurous path to the Swiss Alps.

The Cambrian

Do you want the best view of the Swiss Alps?   Well, The Cambrian will never fail you for your desires. Centrally located in Adelboden, The Cambrian features a 700 square meters outdoor pool that overlooks the Swiss Alps. You can bathe in the hot waters while admiring the beauty of the snow-capped mountains.  If you feel hungry, you can drop by the Glasshaus Restaurant and satisfy yourself with the amazing dishes made from fresh fish, meat, and vegetables.

Hotel Heimatlodge

Hotel Heimatlodge is located near Sankt Niklaus and is one of the best hotels in town. The accommodation is great and there is a free private parking for your vehicle. What I love with this hotel is that there is a nearby ATM so if you ever run out of money; you know you have easy access to it.

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