Check out Beautiful Fiji

There are many amazing things to see and do in Fiji. Below is a list of just a few. Be sure to block off at least 10 days to soak it all in. My business partners and I went for 12 days to celebrate being in business together for 5 years as Chandler house painters. We definitely made memories that will last a lifetime. I’m sure you will do the same. Have fun!

Enjoy the weather

Fiji has a year-round tropical climate. But there are “seasons” and regions to consider. November to April is generally considered “summer”. (Remember Fiji is the Southern Hemisphere but not so far below the equator that there are drastic temperature variances). Temperatures and humidity tend to be higher (85-92F), especially in the lush tropical rainforests of the northern islands, though virtually all resorts have optional AC. From May to October the climate is generally milder (75-82F) and drier.

Viti Levu is the main island in Fiji and is home to the International airport. Coral Coast is a popular tourist area on Viti Levu known for beautiful ocean views and sunsets. For the best beaches and water activities head over to Yasawa islands by ferry from the main island or by seaplane or helicopter from the airport.

Some of most famous luxury Fiji resorts (Namale, Matangi, Qamea, Jean Michelle Cousteau ) are here and offer a truly unique experience of a private island resort.

You can go ziplining.

Yes!  You can zipline through the tropical rainforest.  Those brave enough can glide along 16 zip lines through the rain forest, with views of the ocean and other villages in the surrounding areas. Talk about an adrenaline rush!  Do the zipline. Check out the view. You’ll never forget it.

You can go snorkeling.

Snorkeling is an absolute MUST when visiting Fiji.

Being located on it’s own little island on the reef, the Shangri-La was in the perfect spot for snorkeling.

We took a 5 minute boat ride from the resort to the reef, and had a great time snorkeling around the reef spotting some cool fish, and even a few sea snakes! We also snorkeled more at Cloud 9, where the water was super clear, which made for some great GoPro shots of the fish and coral.

You can do nothing. Absolutely nothing!

A friend made me promise to take one day and do nothing.  This is such a foreign to me cuz I’m so busy and active. But, wow!  We did it on day 3 and it was so peaceful and relaxing to just do nothing.