Unique Sites to Visit on Travel to Denmark

Denmark is fascinating. The country has so much beauty to offer, from the beautiful parks, events, cultures to the languages. It is especially more lively and beautiful in winter. This also happens to be during the Christmas season. The following are some of the most exciting places to visit in Denmark:

The Kronborg Castle

This castle inspired William Shakespeare when he fashioned Elsinore in his famous play Hamlet. Since then, millions and millions of tourists have visited the site every year in a tour dubbed ‘Hamlet Castle Tour.’

Located near Helsingor at the northern tip of the Danish island of Zealand, the majestic castle stands above a very narrow peninsula between Sweden-Denmark coasts. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit here is a great accomplishment. After a drive along the ocean line with views of expensive homes, you will arrive and be met and greeted by the King’s guards, as well as priests, and peasants. You will find great entertainments, from juggling, circus acts, horse acts and dances.

This year (2018) marks 400 years since William Shakespeare died. Kronborg Castle has arranged spectacular events to mark to commemorate this occasion. Hamlet will be performed by various play companies in the magnificent halls. That is on top of the annual Renaissance Fair that happens on the castle’s grounds. This is a beautiful place to visit with the family.

The Oresund Bridge

The breath-taking 10-mile bridge connects Denmark to Sweden, or vice versa, depending on where you are. The bridge has been estimated to carry about 6,000 travelers by car or train each day. It also supports two railway tracks. To drive across the bridge, you have to pay the toll at the toll station. It takes about 20 minutes to drive across.

The governments of Sweden and Denmark both decided and agreed to embark on the construction of this enormous project in 1991. It was officially opened in 2001 although it was completed in 1999. During its development, two unexploded World War 2 bombs were found on the sea floor marked for the bridge’s path. This discovery momentarily slowed the construction work.

The Island of Bornholm

Bornholm is a gorgeous island that is part of Denmark. It is home to quaint villages and offers a fantastic view of the sea. The village of Gudjem is one great gem tourist want to visit to talk to the families, tour Olaf Host museum, walk around and take pictures. Gudjem, in the local dialect, means ‘God’s home’ and no wonder for this place is virtually a slice of paradise. The area has a long history of fishing and is believed to be where smoked herring was first smoked. The climate here is also milder and sunnier than in the mainland.

Lokken Beach

The Lokken beach is beautiful, clean and wide enough to walk far out on the fine sand before water can reach your hip. Watching the raging sea from here is soothing. If you are a surfer or a kiter, this is the ultimate destination for you, for it is windy enough.


Remember to take the standard safety measures. No place on this planet is entirely safe. Any friend is a potential enemy so whoever you meet in Denmark could be a friend or —.